How it Works

An overview of the few simple steps involved in setting up your next peer-to-peer
session - and so, getting you one step closer to learning a new skill!

Want to learn a new skill or teach others using your talents? Then start by selecting the appropriate option, entering in the relevant skill and search for other peers who can teach you or learn from you based on your selection.

After selecting a peer, enter your preferred time-slots for the session as well as level of difficulty, and any other information.

Review all your preferences and send your request to the selected peer. If the peer confirms your request, a representative from our team will connect with you and setup your 'Connect Session' with the selected peer.

At the scheduled day and time, engage with your peer for a session to learn or teach your new skill. The sessions will be conducted via video chat applications facilitated by TeachMitra and will be documented for future reference.

Have a questions or need a extra
help getting set up?